Tuesday, July 26, 2011

South Goa district library at Navelim Goa - A readers delight

The South Goa district Library named after one of Goa's Illustrious sons Mr Francisco Luis Gomes has been a pleasantly welcome addition to Margao and the district of South Goa .

Opened in November of 2010 , as of today the number of members opting membership at the library has galloped to an impressive 1,800 members with the number increasing every day.The continuous membership is therefore a clear sign that people in Goa have taken to reading.If one is desirous of seeking a membership at this prestigious library all that one needs are two photographs and a meagre deposit of Rs 200 and the formalities are completed pretty fast and you could get your membership in over 30 minutes flat.The members of the Library comes from as far as Quepem and Canacona talukas in South Goa

The Library is also impressively equipped with a book number aggregating to a total of 42,000 books besides over 20 daily newspaper publications, nearly 160 periodicals in various languages including one in Sanskrit and readers are bound find something that could be matching with their choice on the busy library shelves.

The library has also been designed keeping in mind the research students who seek more information on various topics. As such the library has a research oriented focus and also has online data bases. The volumes of books on various subjects are therefore a big boon to students who find the Library a great place to study and get additional material to supplement their prospects in their examinations

Many opine that the library is a good atmosphere for studying and are appreciative of the discipline besides the helpful staff a this reading centre in South Goa which many feel was a dire need of the student community who find this resource very helpful in their prospects.

The library also has a circulating section where the books issued can be kept for over a month and magazines for over 15 days. The library has other sections also including the braille section for the visually impaired. However the material at the Braille section is elementary and is not with research books or novels.

The library also has an auditorium that can accommodate about 88 people and another area which be used for exhibitions . The authorities are planning functions at the library on a regular basis to make use of the facilities which it provides.

There is a new demand proposed by avid readers at the library and that is to provide a bus service or some kind of a shuttle service to enable more people to avail of the use of the library's facilities.

The beautiful part of the library is that it is located on the outskirts of Margao city in Navelim village and is built under the name of Francisco Luis Gomes and is therefore located away from the hustle and bustle of the city amidst a green field of lush paddy fields and the atmosphere created by such an ambiance is considered priceless conducive to the reading and studying habit.

The timings at the library are: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7.30 pm
Sunday from 9.30 am to .30 pm
Closed on public holidays

The Membership fees at the library are : Deposits: Rs 200 per adult
Rs 50 per child

Number of members currently enrolled : Adults : 1548
Children: 265


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