Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goa says English is parents wish

The drum for English only beats harder day by day in Goa with Goans coming on to the streets to make the stubborn government of Goa understand that their patience is running out and the situation threatens to steamroll into an unnecessary controversy where anguished parents could find themselves in the middle of civil disobedience should the government of Goa fail to accept a legitimate fact that English is a necessary good for the welfare of Goa and Goans.

The massive rally organised by F.O.R.C.E (Forum for Rights of Childrens Education) at Azad Maidan Panjim and at Lohia Maidan Margao saw parents coming in huge members from all the nooks and corners of Goa to make a statement that while Goans love their mother tongue Konkani, there can be no two ways to decide about what should be the medium of instruction for Goans which parents have unanimously chorused for English.

However the government of Goa seems to be the wannabe spoilsport and is bent on making the genuine demand of the parents into a needless controversy. Some old minds and outdated legs have come together to oppose the sincere voice of parents by forming a moronic manch which claims that they are the custodians of culture in Goa.

While FORCE has not sought to seek the removal of Konkani and Marathi as the medium of instruction in Goan schools but has only appealed to include English as one of the mediums which parents may choose depending upon their wishes, it was a natural obligation of the government to accede to such a simple request. However the government of Goa appears to be a rogue setup intent on destroying poor Goans by denying them English education while allowing the rich and their own kin to avail of English education facilities which presently are provided by unaided English schools at a very high cost.

In their latest endeavour FORCE has given the government of Goa time till May 7 2011 to decide or they plan to agitate to take the matter to its rightful conclusion. This after the Chief Minister of Goa Mr Digambar kamat who meets migrant labour and moti dongor chieftains at the drop of a hat, refused to meet anguished Goan parents who came with a plea for the future of Goan children.

So much for being Goan!


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